TN state growth policy council assembly discusses execution of Biological Diversity Act | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Adding the sea biodiversity in People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR), using the accessibility and benefit-sharing (ABS) funds for its conservation of sandalwood were one of the issues discussed in the country growth policy ministry meeting held in Chennai on Monday.
An announcement said a panel discussion was held on the event to assess the execution of this Biological Diversity Act 2002 at the country.
The aesthetic part of biodiversity regions in ABS was discussed throughout the match. Even the assembly demonstrated that sufficient numbers of trained individuals have to record the accessible biodiversity in Tamil Nadu
there’s a need to construct grassroots constituencies for biodiversity conservation to allow it to be applicable to the frequent man, which may be accomplished by designating meritorious agrarian regions as centers of diversity, the semester demonstrated. For example, Kanyakumari might be identified for peanuts, Villupuram for millets and Dharmapuri — Salem for mangoes and coconutoil. The meeting indicated that farmlands in these regions must be announced as invention hubs.
The council discussed the demand for instruction and incentivization of traditional knowledge systems pertaining to fishing, and meat processing. In the same way, traditional vet maintenance systems offered in areas like Kolli hills necessary to be comprehended, it said.


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