Tamil Nadu: Historical rock crusher located in Madurai | Madurai News


MADURAI: A stone which was utilized as a crusher for grinding oil seeds and millets was found on Sunday at a village on the outskirts of Madurai.
The rock belonged to the ninth century AD and it had been discovered on agricultural land involving V Periyakulam and also Sarantangi village at Vadipatti taluk.
Lieutenant S Rajagopal, assistant professor of History, Mannar Thirumalai Naicker College, Madurai, together with his two pupils M Palanichamy and M Ramar seen the place to inspect the rock.
The rock has been cup-shaped using a 33 cm strong and 20 cm broad bevel at the center. It is inner and outer diameter has been 64cm and 44cm, respectively.
Inscriptions on the rock were in Vattaluthu speech which belonged to the first Pandiya period (ninth century AD).
The letters have been demonstrated to some renowned archaeologist from Madruai Dr C Santhalingam, who read it ,’Katanutta naadi ituvitta cekku’ significance the crusher was created by Katan Utta Nadi.
“It might have been a crusher used for grinding grains and fodder,” Rajagopal said.
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