Puducherry CM’s parliamentary secretary slaps contempt of court note from Kiran Bedi, others | Puducherry News


Kiran Bedi

PUDUCHERRY: Puducherry main ministry’s parliamentary secretary, K Lakshminarayanan, has issued contempt of court finds against lieutenant governor Kiran Bedi along with others, accusing them of disobeying the Madras high court’s order on the functions, responsibilities and purposes of a lieutenant governor and an elected authorities in the Union territory.
Lakshminarayanan said that Bedi and many others have yet to be carrying the help and guidance of the chief minister or minister concerned or the cupboard at the appointment of secretaries, excise commissioner and deputy commissioner.
He accused Bedi of stalling the chosen government’s welfare and development strategies by referring them to the President of India for acceptance, interfering at the daily operation of the elected authorities throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, stalling magisterial investigation into the breach of individual rights while devoting a tahsildar, right receiving reports by the police department on the illegal sale of spirits during the lockdown time and devoting a show-cause notice into a formal for not reacting inside her WhatsApp group articles amongst others.
List out 30 acts of disobedience, Lakshminarayanan urged Bedi to stop from’further nearing conclusion’ of Madras high court. He demanded Bedi and many others’take corrective activities, according to the decision of the ministry, reverse the offenses and place the documents right’.
He added that should they neglected to do so, he’d be made to bring violations to the note of the Madras high court.
Another five officers that obtained the contempt of court finds are main secretary Ashwani Kumar, and lieutenant sheriff’s officer on special duty Theva Neethi Dhas, secretary (Hindu religious institutions) K Mahesh, secretary (fisheries) Purva Garg, along with senior superintendent of police Rahul Alwal.
In March this past year, the Madurai Bench of the Madras high court announced that lieutenant governors don’t have any forces to intervene in the regular performance of an elected government in Union territory. The Union authorities and Bedi appealed from the order prior to a Madras high court seat headed by the chief justice. In March, the seat set apart the Madurai bench sequence and led the lieutenant governor to function in unison with all the chosen authorities.


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