Mahaveer palaces dating back to 11th century CE located near Pudukkottai | Chennai News


Bas-relief sculpture of Mahaveer

TRICHY: A 900-year-old bas-relief sculpture of Mahaveer — the twenty-fourth and final Jain Tirthankara — has been discovered close to an agricultural territory in Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu.
The 3 feet tall palaces of Mahaveer in meditation position was half buried in the agricultural realm. The statue remained untouched for many years since the regional inhabitants thought it had been an idol of Hindu goddess Kali.
U Arasappan, a resident, educated members of the Archaeological Research Foundation at Pudukkottai after he guessed the sculpture could have archaeological significance.
After obtaining the sculpture, Manganoor A Manikandan, a PhD scholar in early science in Tamil University, Thanjavur, stated that the sculpture could belong to 11th Century CE.
“The three-step canopy in addition to the sculpture, extended ear lobes and wide chest were a number of the characteristics that helped us realize that it had been a Mahaveer sculpture,” he explained.
The 1.5-foot-wide sculpture also includes two men on either side of Mahaveer.
He added that the surface of the sculpture has been ruined as it remained abandoned for several decades.
The group advised that the district collector and say archaeology department concerning the statue.


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