Kanimozhi urges Centre to comprise kuruman tribal community as kurumans on ST listing | Chennai News



CHENNAI: DMK MP Kanimozhi on Thursday urged the Centre to incorporate the exact kuruman tribal neighborhood as’kurumans‘ about the Scheduled Tribes.
In a letter to Union minister for tribal affairs Arjun Munda, Kanimozhi explained a study from the Nilgiris-based Tribal Research Centre about the societal arrangement, clan organisation and life cycle rituals indicates the titles of kurumba, kurumbar and kurumans are alike.
Various anthropological research and observations of previous authors such as Edgar Thurston, A Aiyappan, K S Singh and many others demonstrated that kurumba, kurumbar and kurumans mean exactly the exact same and belong to the exact same community, ” she explained.
“The analysis concludes that this community folks are entitled to be identified as Scheduled Tribe below the title kurumans in consecutive no 18 of this ST record of Tamil Nadu,” explained Kanimozhi.
She asked the ministry to take crucial actions to include kurumba, kurumbar and kuruman into the title kurumans. “This will ensure social justice to those belonging to those communities while shifting consolidated modification as envisaged under Article 342,” explained Kanimozhi.


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