Amid Covid-19 struggle, Chennai firm starts dengue battle | Chennai News


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CHENNAI: The city company is neck deep in the fight against the raging Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s also quietly began preparations for dengue prevention, provided that the town is undergoing a few rain.
July is when instances of dengue begin gearing up in town, state Greater Chennai Corporation officials. “With the vast majority of those folks staying home on account of the lockdown, the spread of dengue might be greater,” said a senior officer.
A number of the National Breeding Assess (DBC) employees, who are engaged in disinfectant spraying Covid-19 affected roads and regions, will be changed to their routine programme, said officials. These employees typically make doorto-door visits and assess for Aedes mosquito breeding.
Prevention of dengue involves employees assessing for stagnant water, particularly in open vessels, tanks or drums or open pipelines. Aside from warning individuals and levying penalties, employees also spray larvicide in machines, which incidentally are currently utilized for disinfectant spraying within their struggle against Covid-19.
According to date, around two,100 DBC employees employed by the company to perform these programmes have been diverted to Covid-19 avoidance work.
Normally, the company records, beginning April, approximately 30 instances of dengue that summit to approximately 100 at the September-November period. Since Covid-19 rages, avoidance of dengue assumes significance as both illnesses have similar symptoms of fever and body pain,” stated a corpotation official. This may lead to confusion among the medical fraternity. “Further, dengue strikes the immune system by reducing the platelet count of this individual. Thus, if the individual receives Covid-19 and dengue, chances of survival would be quite less,” the official stated.
Covid-19 is discovered from the RT-PCR evaluation, whereas the ELISA test is done in order to test of dengue. B Dhanraj, retired chief vector management officer of this company, told TOI that the civic body must use extra DBC employees as 100percent of the employees was set up for Covid work.


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