Aavin says its fresh buttermilk will help combat Covid-19 | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Aavin has introduced five fresh milk products, such as buttermilk intended for raising resistance, choco lassi, strawberry lassi, long-term ultra-high temperature processed milk and Tea Mate milk. Chief Union Edappadi K Palaniswami established these goods on Tuesday.
A media release said that the buttermilk is intended for raising the resistance of individuals which can help them combat coronavirus.
“The buttermilk contains lemon, lemon, sacred basil, pepper, cumin seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, coriander leaves and salt. It’s offered in 200ml bottles for Rs 23,” the release stated.
Aavin parlours, which was used to market typical lassi and probiotic lassi, will finally have a broader range together with, chocolate and strawberry lassi. The lassi are also accessible 200ml bottles for Rs 23.
The ultra-high temperature processed milk will probably be accessible flexi-packets and doesn’t demand a refrigerator for storage. “Even at room temperature, this milk will probably be good for use for less than 90 days. This milk contains 4.5percent fat and 8.5percent of solids not fat (SNF) and can be offered in 500ml packets at Rs 30 per package ”
A kind of milk — known as Tea Mate — using a bit more fat was released for tea stores and for restaurants. “Tea Mate comprises 6.5percent of fat 9 percent SNF. A litre of Tea Mate will charge Rs 90,” said the press release.


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