Two special trains to originate in Puri in September 12 | Bhubaneswar News


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BHUBANESWAR: Chairman of Railway Board VK Yadav on Saturday declared that the Indian Railways will operate 80 more special trains throughout the nation in September 12 to satisfy the general demand.
Two pairs of those trains will arise from Puri. And two additional trains will culminate at Puri. These arePuri-Ahmedabad Express, Puri-Durg Express, Ahmedabad-Puri Express and Durg-Puri Express trains.
The Puri-Durg Express will operate daily. It’ll leave Puri at 6. 30 pm and hit Durg in 11. 55 am. Durg-Puri Express, a daily train, will emerge from Durg at 4. 10 pm and hit Puri in 9. 15 am.
However, the Puri-Ahmedabad Express and Ahmedabad-Puri Express are weekly trains. Puri-Ahmedabad Express will abandon Puri at 6. 20 pm Wednesday and hit Ahmedabad at 7. 25 am on Friday. Ahmedabad-Puri Express will begin it’s journey from Ahmedabad at 6. 40 pm Friday and hit Puri at 8. 10 am on Sunday.
Moreover, another set of rail will probably originate from East Coast Railway (ECoR). All these are-Visakhapatnam-Korba Express and Korba-Visakhapatnam Express.


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