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The puja base at Jayashree Nanda’s home in England

BHUBANESWAR: On Monday afternoon, Ashoka Manjari Nayak, a homemaker from Bargarh, has been leaping with joy and disbelief as TV stations performed the information of the Supreme Court letting Rath Yatra at Puri together with limitations.
“I had been quite stressed and was praying since the morning. The Lord has given my prayers,” Ashoka, that belongs to Puri each year through Rath Yatra since the town is her maternal house, stated.
Struggling to restrain her feelings, Ashoka can not wait to see the Rath Yatra being telecast live on tv. “I’ll offer puja to the Lord first thing in the morning and then put mangoes and bananas as bhog. I’ll cook rice and dalma until the programme begins on tv so I am not bothered during the telecast,” Ashoka, who’ll be passing up the festivities at Puri for the very first time this season, stated.
The Rath Yatra fervour has also caught on with Jagannath devotees living overseas. Jayashree Nanda, a co-tutor in Dr Challoners High School, Amersham, England, has plucked flowers from her garden and made garlands to its Rath celebration. “This season, I’ll provide’darasijha khechudi’, a dessert made out of carrots, grated coconut and sugarand’poda pitha’ into the Lord as bhog,” an elated Jayashree, who’ll watch the festival on the web, said. “Last year, I’d moved to my new home on Rath Yatra and my buddies had shown me that the Yatra within a WhatsApp video telephone,” Jayashree, who’s from Bhubaneswar, stated.
Like Jayashree and Ashoka, author Sakuntala Baliarsingh are also observing at home by light an earthern lamp which will glow through the day. She also intends to provide’khichdi’,”khiri’ and veggies as bhog apart from decking up Lord Jagannath and his sisters in brand new clothes.
Likewise, Aarti Nayak, a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya at Puri, will provide’chuda ghasa’ into Lord Jagannath if his chariot will pass before her home on the Grand Road on Tuesday. “I provide the bhog on Rath Yatra each year. I hurried into the marketplace to receive a coconut, an integral part in’chuda ghasa’, once I came to know of this apex court’s conclusion,” Nayak said.
While people at home and overseas prepare for the parties, senior DGM (fund ), ECoR, R K is in continuous touch with coworkers in Kharagpur for Rath Yatra parties at the Sri Jagannath Mandira there. “This season, I can not visit Kharagpur to oversee the preparations due to the pandemic. The West Bengal government has granted us permission for the holiday season. The chariots will not be dragged, but other rituals will be done by claiming social distancing,” Panda of Rail Vihar explained.


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