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BHUBANESWAR: Amid public outcry within the Supreme Court’s order on Thursday to stall this year’s June 23 Rath Yatra in the aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic, Puri king as well as chairman of Jagannath temple handling committee Dibyasingha Deb on Saturday urged the state government to submit a review petition. Although the state authorities already explained to obey the apex court’s order, Deb wrote to the chief minister Naveen Patnaik and appealed to the state administration to”immediately” move the apex court for an alteration of this ruling.
“Rath Yatra wasn’t possible to detect only through the strikes from Mughals in 16th, 17th and 18th centuries once the deities needed to be concealed in distant places. The Yatra wasn’t ceased during natural disasters and epidemics,” the letter stated.
The Gajapati Maharaja, that drew flak for supposedly not following the sensitive issue with the authorities aggressively, stated Rath Yatra could be held with no congregation of devotees involving the pandemic and measures (as indicated by temple management committee). He explained cancellation of Rath Yatra will damage sentiments of countless devotees.
“Rath Yatra at Puri is of particular significance and it shouldn’t be halted, even if the festival along with other spiritual functions aren’t allowed elsewhere on account of the Covid pandemic limitations,” king’s letter said.
With June 23 Rath Yatra hardly two weeks off, the Maharaja’s appeal to the authorities came after the SC’s order triggered enormous public transit throughout the state. The state government on Thursday clarified that it would obey the apex court’s order.
“The Puri King must have left a solid stand right after the SC remained the Rath Yatra. King’s correspondence to the authorities came really late. It appears he encouraged the authorities,” said Jayant Hota, a retired lecturer at Puri.
The Maharaja’s correspondence followed the expanding need from other quarters to maintain Rath Yatra at a limited way. Quite a few applications from people and private organisations are registered in the Supreme Court since Friday to review its purchase.
Nowadays, all eyes are on the apex court about the destiny of these programs and if a review of this Thursday’s arrangement can definitely materialize in the brief notice. “We understand time is running out. However, we expect the Supreme Court believes the software and re-examines its arrangement by Monday, a day ahead of the festival. We appeal to the apex court to let Rath Yatra in Puri independently in a limited way. Although Rath Yatra is seen throughout the nation, Puri is admired as the actual abode of Lord Jagannath. Rath Yatra of Puri has a particular importance in our life span,” explained Janardan Pattjoshi Mohapatra, the Nayak (chief) of Chhattisa Nijog, a confederation of unique institutions of servitors of Jagannath temple.
A bunch of servitors and sailors staged a silent protest outside the Jagannath Temple on Saturday, demanding the Rath Yatra be hauled with cyclists. “We realize that the unprecedented emergency brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. However, did the state authorities seek consent from the Centre or the SC before holding the Debasnan Purnima festival on June 5? It’s also a spiritual function that was ran easily in the lack of devotees,” temple servitor Shyamsundar Mohapatra said. “The authorities had imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 of the CrPC round the temple. The Rath Yatra too could be held at a similar fashion,” he added.
Echoing a similar opinion, Congress state president Niranjan Patnaik on Saturday demanded the Rath Yatra be held by means of a complete shutdown at Puri. “I could understand the plight of the country authorities. The government is fearful of this Covid-19 scenario,” he stated, adding that the authorities should comprehend the emotions of those folks here and persuade the SC to permit the Rath Yatra by exposing the congregation of individuals.
Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan said the Rath Yatra’in its regular form’ appeared difficult this season due to this Covid-19 pandemic. “The followers of Lord Jagannath, notably the Odias, are profoundly hurt. But let’s wait for the desire of this almighty till Monday,” Pradhan added.
Senior BJD leader and former minister Prafulla Ghadai stated,”People must honor the SC arrangement; it’s the regulation of the land”


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