OUAT, IIT Delhi join hands for study | Bhubaneswar News


Bhubaneswar: The Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) Bhubaneswar has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi for schooling and study cooperation.
The cooperation will help create frontier engineering and create quality work in the area of agricultural research and instruction to addressing the challenges faced by the rural communities and enhancing the quality of life.
OUAT and IIT Delhi will operate together within the area of detector program in agriculture, precision farming, geospatial engineering, nanotechnology, biotechnology and relevant facets of agriculture resulting in production of rural livelihood opportunities.
Hrusikesh Patro, manager (planning, monitoring and analysis ), OUAT, said students and faculties will be profited through exchange programs and utilization of labs of organisations. “scientists and teachers of our college can find a opportunity to conduct research in IIT Delhi lab. The IIT Delhi also can use our centers,” he added.
The MoU was signed between OUAT vice-chancellor Pawan Kumar Agrawal and IIT Delhi manager fighter Ramgopal Rao. Agrawal hoped that this cooperation would produce new paths for interdisciplinary study with participation of scientists in both the associations.
A senior scientist said the two associations will maintain faculty and student exchange programmes for research and education programs. “We possess the areas for example agriculture, veterinary sciences, fisheries, forestry and agricultural technologies. The IIT Delhi has areas such as biological sciences. Both the associations are running various researches on those areas. We’ll exchange technical and ideas aids with every other and investigators will operate together,” he added.
IIT Delhi’s Twitter manage stated,”OUAT Bhubaneswar signs MoU for strengthening education and research in cutting edge regions of agriculture and allied topics.”
The federal institute is operating with numerous labs of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on many different agricultural issues as part of its own resolve to strengthen the rural economy through tech interventions.


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