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The virus appears to be playing divide and rule. So far it’s divided the society to the contaminated and the not-infected, made folks see outsiders with suspicion and snatched devotees out of deities. Now, it’s out to split public comment on the elevation of the idols of goddess Durga.
A condition set by the state authorities for the observance of Durga Puja has put off a discussion in families and has abandoned puja committees racking their brains on how to find accessories to your small-sized idols.
About September 10, the office of the Special Relief Commissioner passed an order limiting the elevation of this Mrunamaya Murti (clay idol) of Durga to 4 feet.
per day later, the Balubazar Puja Committee at Cuttack contested the order by means of a petition filed with its own president, Suryakant Sangneria, and 2 secretaries. It asked the Orissa high court to request the authorities to lift the limitation on the grounds that the building of the clay idol is completed after a fixed format which leaves no space for such extreme changes in elevation.
Septuagenarian Chittaranjan Mohanty out of Markat Nagar in Cuttack stated,”The magnitude of this idol of goddess Durga has nothing to do with the spread of Covid-19. So, limiting the idol’s elevation to 4 ft (or less) defies logic”
His views were echoed by 65-year-old Narayan Mohanty. “The dimensions of the idols is only an issue of conventional spiritual practice. The imposition of this limitation is an uncalled-for disturbance by the authorities. The elevation of this idol has no function in the spread of Covid-19,” Mohanty, a resident of Jhanjir Mangala at Cuttack, that has 167 puja mandaps (permanent constructions rather than makeshift pandals), stated.
As the debate rages, puja committees are confronted with technical issues. Ramachandra Ransingh, president of Bhubaneswar’s Baramunda Durga Puja Committee, stated,”We ask the authorities to allow pandals proceed with the first height of their deities. In our situation, it’s 14 ft ) The artisans will face problems if the arrangement isn’t withdrawn. The crown, weapons, bangles and other accessories of Durga and the corresponding deities will probably be too big for your less-than-four-feet idols. We barely have any time left. The idols receive their initial coat of paint Viswakarma Puja. The doubt has left us at our wits’ end”
For Bijay Kumar Behera, secretary of Cuttack’s Chandni Chowk Puja committee, the decision came as a jolt. Asked about whether the transfer would save money, Debasish Ray, president of Cuttack’s Choudhry Bazaar Puja Committee, stated,”While we was able to invest approximately Rs 25 lakh before, now we could handle with Rs 2-3 lakh. However, price doesn’t have anything to do with the decline in the height of their idols. In reality, the arrangement has added to our difficulties. Getting artisans to earn a skeletal frame where the clay idol is going to be modelled isn’t simple in this particular outbreak. This apart, arrangements for new fineries might need to be made since those used traditionally won’t match the bigger idols.”
Rajeeb Pratihari, ex-secretary of Rourkela’s Central Puja Committee, needs a balance between heritage and security. “We must abide by the principles, but also uphold heritage. We would like the authorities to permit puja pandals to produce the idols at 6 to 7 ft ,” Pratihari explained.
Though the authorities order drew sharp responses from others believed that desperate times called for desperate measures. Sambalpur’s Bijayalaxmi Mohapatra, 51, stated,”Under the present conditions, we have to adhere to the instructions even if this involves limiting the magnitude of the idols into a max of 4 feet. Devotion doesn’t rely on the magnitude of their idol and pandal.”
Badal Das, a dominant member of Balasore’s Sunhat Puja Committee, that has just recovered from Covid-19, wholeheartedly supports the authorities choice.
“This is the correct thing to do. Most folks in Balasore, that such as Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, sees over 100 puja pandals, come in neighbouring Bengal. The travel restrictions also have been lifted. So, re-shaping that the idols into a more compact size won’t be hard for all of us.”


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