Odisha: Man cremated after 15 hours for fear of coronavirus | Bhubaneswar News


BHUBANESWAR: The entire body of a 25-year old guy lay at his house in a village in Konark in Odisha for over 15 hours as relatives and villagers remained away imagining that he was infected with Covid-19, officials said on Friday.
The guy had died on Wednesday in Mankaragoradi village along with his family was made to arrange for PPE kits and other protective equipment prior to the body might be brought to the cremation ground in the outskirts of their village.
Not one was prepared to carry his entire body onto their shoulders as is the practice for fear of contracting the illness. His body was rather carried to the local cremation ground in a bicycle cart the following day.
The final rites were conducted on Thursday afternoon, ” the officers stated.
Vichitra Rout, a tractor driver in the region, was suffering from hypertension for the last couple of days and has been diagnosed to be suffering with typhoid.
He had been requested by the community gym in which he was being treated to experience the Covid-19 evaluation, his loved ones said.
Rout is the only son of the parents and also the only breadwinner of the household.
He had been known to the district headquarter hospital in Puri for the evaluation but when he had been shot there on August 4, operate during its patients out department was suspended since some health employees there’d contracted coronavirus.
Rout was consequently referred to some Bhubaneswar Hospital but died on Wednesday before arrangements could be reached by his family for taking him there, they stated.
By then rumour had spread in the region he had fallen prey to Covid-19 along with also the villagers shunned the household. The relatives showed hesitation in making arrangements to its last rites and not one came forward to assist the household.
Executive Officer of Konark Notified Area Council (NAC), M Srinivas advised that when he came to understand more about the plight of this household he delivered some officials together with PPE kits into the village. The NAC officials convinced the villagers to arrange that the final rites by accepting the essential safeguards.
Srinivas said the physician who had been treating the guy had advised them that Rout was suffering from typhoid for quite a very long time and had prolonged fever. On the other hand, the guy died before the Covid evaluations could be performed and it wasn’t confirmed whether he had been infected with coronavirus.
The reluctant relatives consented to assist in the cremation once they had been awarded PPE suits. The villagers kept away.
The human body was wrapped in a plastic sheet and carried to the cremation ground on the bicycle cart with his careful relatives in PPEs, their faces covered with masks and gloves in their hands. Just some close relatives were current throughout the cremation, Srinivas said.
Since the Covid test hadn’t been conducted, the particular protocols weren’t followed,” he said including the PPEs were given to dispel the fear in the heads of the villagers.


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