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BENGALURU: For main ministry BS Yediyurappa, his one-piece tenure in office was a trial by fire, since he famously said after finishing 100 days. The BJP government is completing one year in office on Sunday.
Ever since he came back to power in controversial conditions and took control since the CM for the fourth period July 26 a year ago, Yediyurappa has been confronting a series of adversities. Although he started his stint on a fiery note, promising extreme changes in 3 weeks, the unprecedented flooding that struck 25 of those 30 districts in August a year ago swamped his first 3 weeks in office. The following four weeks went for bypolls and dissidence one of BJP legislators over cupboard growth. Considering that the previous four weeks, he’s busy fighting Covid-19 pandemic.
Originally, the authorities had handled the crisis well when the amounts were so low but it soon lost the plot once the virus began dispersing. But, BJP sources acknowledge that self clashes among senior ministers accountable for Covid government and management replicated U-turns and allegations of irregularities in procurement of medical equipment took the due charge.
There’s presently a general sense of individuals that the government hasn’t managed to rescue lives when nearly all of the other nations had the ability to perform it. The silver lining was the state administration’s timely statement of $ 1,610 relief package for unorganised sector workers, which was hailed by opposition parties.
The pandemic in a sense came as a blessing in disguise to its Yediyurappa authorities to push a number of those long pending crucial reforms in industrial and labor sectors to enhance ease of doing business. Approximately a dozen ordinances are promulgated in the previous two weeks to take up important reforms to attract investment. The repealing of 46-year old law to permit non-agriculturists to purchase farm property and modifications to APMC Act to allow farmers to do trade openly and market their produce away from the mandis has been hailed as innovative and future appearing. This despite opposition parties cautioned these legislations didn’t undergo mandatory expert scrutiny and comprehensive deliberation in both the Houses.
But, the country was facing economic headwinds before the coronavirus outbreak slowing its expansion and investments. The state finances have been in doldrums following two consecutive farm loan waivers accounting for more than 25,000 crore because 2018 followed closely by flooding and pandemic associated relief bundles of almost Rs ,000 crore.
As a consequence, Yediyurappa couldn’t do much concerning development projects. Pros said all crucial infrastructure and irrigation projects stay in a state of limbo now. It actually compelled him to slash the country’s 2020-2021 funding expenditure by roughly 30%. With limited choices to explore new revenue sources, important outstanding dues from the Centre and portion of its share in the divisible pool beneath the 15th Finance Commission, matters are expected to switch from bad to worse.
Politically, it’s been a fantastic season for Yediyurappa since he practically decimated the resistance as his party won 12 from 15 chairs in the bypolls.
Yediyurappa’s major job is in his next year, state observers, as he’ll to successfully fight the pandemic spread and deliver the nation and the market back on course.
BJP govt to observe 1 year old office on Monday
A set of events are planned to commemorate the BJP government’s one year old office at Karnataka on Monday. The events include the launch of a leaflet on accomplishments by Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa. Unlike in prior decades, the booklets will possess write-ups of 22 specialists from other fields. The authors were advised they are free to criticise the country authorities. Sirigere mutt pontiff Shivamurthy Shivacharya Swamy has composed about online agriculture marketplace, Bhalki mutt seer Basavaraj Pattadevaru ( Kalyana Karnataka), environmentalist AN Yellappa Reddy (surroundings ), Gururaj Karajagi and Niranjan Aradhya (schooling ), Dr CN Manjunath (tackling of Covid-19) and 2 former bureaucrats — K Jairaj and Kotlinganagoud on government and governance.
One crore trees could be planted and out of July 29-31, pamphlets will be dispersed to 50 lakh homes throughout the state. An internet rally was planned for August 1, that is addressed with Yediyurappa, and BJP state president Nalin Kumar Kateel.
What Experts state?
Yediyurappa’s one year is a phrase sprinkled with pepper and salt instead of sugar. Since the day he took office he’d hurdles to leap of their Congress deserters followed closely by delay in his cupboard approval and his fascination in receiving supportive grants from the Centre for the flood victims. He appeared to be a failing chief ministry free of party service or the fundamental leadership. Efforts to destabilise him followed by Covid 19 he became a casualty of an indifferent pioneer. Now after a year except for his grassroots leadership along with his community, Yediyurappa stands Chief Minister that has guarantees to keep before he moves thus leaving him as a symbolic head of their nation.
– Prof Harish Ramaswamy, political commentator
It’s been one year between political success and catastrophe management. Having come to power by’fabricating’ a majority, the CM had to use all his political skills to stay in power and meet diverse interests and groups within the party. This was really a tight rope walk. After the outbreak, the focus shifted from a governmental Crisis into a health . Here there was an element of doubt on who was accountable though the CM tended to be contingent on the bureaucracy as well as the wellness specialists. Overall one sees a part of governmental fatigue in the direction.
– Sandeep Shashtri, political analyst
As the 60 years of job completed in only six years from the Narendra Modi government in the Centre, likewise several significant policy decisions were taken within 1 year that were pending for several decades. This despite flooding and Covid pandemic. Our government has also taken several policy choices and economically managed challenges posed by coronavirus and floods.
– C N Ashwath Narayan / Deputy CM


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