Karnataka hospitals do not require trade license now | Bengaluru News


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BENGALURU: In an effort to provide better health care infrastructure, the state health and household welfare division has exempted medical institutions in the necessity of growing trade licences to operate throughout Karnataka.
The department has issued a circular to the effect. The round cites the healthcare institutions are in the company of public service, not commerce per se and thereforethey need not possess a trade license whilst becoming enrolled or renewing the registration.
Moreover, the institutions need not create building occupancy certificates through online registration since they were facing issues in uploading the same. Rather Khata/tax compensated receipt/rental agreement/lease arrangement will be sufficient for your goal. The enrollment will be auto-renewed on payment of the necessary fee.
The section has exempted the health care institutions from uploading the files and after the prescribed fee is paid, the permit is auto revived.
The section has also completed with reviews which precede enrollment and renewal of enrollment.
whined about hospitals and health care institutions whose licenses have been suspended for not healing Covid19 patients, a senior medical official stated,”They could conduct the surgeries as it had been previously also done. But a case is going to be reserved from them for not booking 50percent of beds to Covid-19 patients and the legal proceeding will proceed.”


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