Family get surrounded by angry mob at funeral


Following burial, 150 Sailors Encircle grieving family of covid Dead patient, Sabotage to Put their car on fire

Amid grief, the household of a covid deceased patient needed to confront an angry mob, who repeatedly contested the burial. A mob of about 150 mad individuals cornered a grieving family in the cemetery of St Antony’s church at Kodathi on Sarjapur Main Road, on Monday evening. Fr Santosh Royan, the parish priest declared that the authorities present failed to assist the household.

The covid individual was a part of this parish of Dharmaram church, and following his departure, the church cemetery didn’t have somewhere to punish him. The deceased’s family contacted among those four helpline figures initiated from the Archdiocese of Bengaluru and coveyed their dreams of running a proper burial because of the dead person and didn’t want to go for cremation. After a couple of calls, they had been allowed a place, accessible at the cemetery of St Antony’s Church at Kodathi.

The burial was over by 4 pm, and also discovering the funeral celebration in total PPEs, a mob began to form and surrounded by the household’s automobile.

The natives picked up rocks to hurl in the Vehicle and even threatened to put fire to it

–Fr Royan

Among those dead’s sons had flown from Kerela to the funeral and had a quarantine stamp on his own hands in the airport. This infuriated the horse further. Fr Royan, who had been accompanying the family, called the authorities and also a Hoysala patrol hurried to the place, but seeing the Amount of sailors, the authorities began encouraging the natives

and jeopardized the priests along with the household . “The natives picked up stones to hurl in the vehicle and also threatened to set fire,” Fr Royan said.

Fr Royan subsequently called the head priest who subsequently informed that the DG-IGP’s office that taught senior officials to take inventory of this circumstance. A larger group of police hurried to the place and calmed the natives.


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