Elephant calf born in Bannerghatta Park at Bengaluru | Bengaluru News


The mother and calf are equally healthful and officials have discussion about pruning the toddlers.

BENGALURU: A Indian elephant calf was created in the Bannerghatta Biological Park at Bengaluru on Saturday morning carrying the count of elephants in the animal center to 24. The calf and mother are healthful and officials are in discussion on naming the toddlers.
The arrival of the man calf happened around 2am from the woods area connected to the playground and officials immediately rushed to assess if it had been doing good. The mommy elephant called Roopa, a 12-year old, who’s a part of a semi enclosure in the animal facility,’d given birth to her first rib on December 21, 2016. The female calf created afterward was called Gowri and remains a part of this Park.
The newborn infant elephant, that is called in the coming times had united its own mother and rest of the package and ventured to the woods area, authorities said.


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