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(This story originally appeared in on Sep 9, 2020)

Case reported in town is very likely to be false alert as opportunities of reinfection are’non’
Days following a 27-year old girl return into a private hospital and tested positive for covid-19 after having recovered from the disease once, physicians say this re-infection concept might have been a false alarm. Other physicians say that although the possibility of reinfection is reduced, it isn’t nil.
The girl was initially discharged from hospital July 24. In the past week of August, she developed mild symptoms and tested positive.
It was supposedly the first reported instance of covid reinfection from town. Doctors said she’d tested negative at the antibody test, so she hadn’t developed immunity following infection. “Other potential is that the embryo vanished in a month,” explained Dr Pratik Patil, Consultant, Infectious Diseases, Fortis Hospital.
whenever the event caught the world’s eye, Faheem Younus, Chief of Infectious Diseases, UM, UCH in Maryland, US, took to Twitter to debunk claims of reinfection. “That is a false alert. Reinfections can’t be diagnosed with antibody amounts. No genomic evaluation was completed in this circumstance. This -and several other such’reinfections’ are simply unnecessary fear,” he tweeted.
City physicians concur. Dr Ranjit Mohan, Advisor – Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Manipal Hospitals stated,”The T-PCR test will stay positive a couple of days after a patient has regained. This implies remaining viral genetic material and doesn’t indicate an active disease.” He said according to present scientific knowledge, the likelihood of reinfection is very low and shouldn’t be a cause for people anxiety.
Want more study
Dr Prakash Doraiswamy, Sr.. Advisor – Critical Care & Anaesthesiology, Aster CMI Hospital, stated, more studies are necessary for a trusted inference, calming fears that herd immunity might not be adequate to suppress covid-19.

It’s established that 99percent of people who completed quarantine will prevent dropping the virus

–Dr Jagadish Hiremath Ace Suhas Hospital

But Dr Pratik explained that we can’t rule out re-infection instances. He explained there’s a need to think of a rule for a minimal number of times a positive evaluation sample has to be kept.
Testing queries
A 35-year-old guy, who had been treated for covid and had been in quarantine for 21 days, afterwards tested positive and had to experience a second 14 days of quarantine. Nowthere are questions if a patient needs to undergo another test prior to being announced virus-free. Gajendra (name changed), a resident of Sudhamanagar had fever and if it would not diminish he has tested for covid. On July 13, he tested positive for covid. “I isolated myself into my area and BBMP also advised me to keep home isolation.
After 14 days, I had a sore throat, and so I extended the quarantine. I’d missed work for a month, and so I checked with all the BBMP if I could join work. They consented, but to get a fitness certification once I got tested on July 30, it had been positive. I’ve been requested to quarantine myself 14 more days”
Gajendra has recovered today, but says had he listened to BBMP he’d have resumed work and may have infected other people. A resident of Banashankari reported that his buddy had tested positive on August 18 and has been admitted to Jnanabharathi covid maintenance facility. “He wasn’t retested prior to being discharged. However he chose a test on the 15th day and tested positive. Now he’s currently in home isolation for 14 days”
Dr Somnath Chatterjee, Medical Director, Prakriya Hospitals, stated that these aren’t instances of re-infection. “Patients must continue to take good care of fourteen days following quarantine too. They ought to continue social distancing and utilizing masks. Secondly tests after quarantine aren’t being done as there’s a lack of kits along with the RT- PCR includes a 40% false negativity. Dr Neha Mishra, Consultant – Infectious Disease, Manipal Hospitals stated, the next test is completed just for acute cases.


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