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BENGALURU: While the state government is interfering with increasing Covid-19 instances in Bengaluru along with a developing stigma against people infected, this is something to cheer about: communities are stepping up to reinforce the government’s Covid containment efforts.
At a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Jain community has come forward to launch and operate a Covid Care Centre (CCC) where asymptomatic Jain patients could be treated and housed. The Jain International Trade Organisation (Bangalore), a community of powerful businessmen and professionals in the Jain community, on Saturday filed a representation to the impact to senior IAS officer Rajender Kumar Kataria, that has been set up to recognize and launch CCCs as Bengaluru starts to see a spike in asymptomatic cases.
JITO stated it has recognized a resort in Majestic region, City Centaur, and sought permission to transform it into a 200-mattress CCC. “Communities chipping into encourage is a welcome movement. It lowers the burden on the authorities. We’re focusing on a war footing to set up CCCs,” Kataria told TOI. “We will handle the whole facility fiscally,” that the JITO said from the representation.
JITO manhood Lalit Karbawala stated:”Many members of the Jain community have tested positive for Covid. There’s a requirement to have a maintenance center for your community. We held a meeting and decided to start a CCC. We’ve tied up with Manipal Hospital, which has agreed to offer medical support to conduct the center.” Pros from Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Hospital are also roped in.
From the representation, the JITO said the facility is going to be a pure vegetarian one. “. . .Our spiritual month is coming and you will find food limitations. We’ll be charging someone who’s capable of paying a minimal price.” Karbawala added:”We can also accommodate other people, that are in desperate need of treatment”
Coming at a time once the government’s answer to Covid-19 is becoming scattered, these community-driven initiatives make a huge difference. “Such centers reduce stress levels among community members as they feel at home during therapy. The hotels, which functioned as institutional quarantines, could get converted to temporary CCCs and neutralise the monetary losses triggered from the lockdown. This may also reduce strain on the government health care system,” a senior administration official said.
“It is high time everybody joined hands with the government to include the spread of Covid-19,” additional Kataria.


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