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Water amount of Ganga and Yamuna is increasing in Prayagraj

Prayagraj: Together with components of Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan getting heavy rain last week, the Ganga and Yamuna rivers have begun to swell at different areas in the area. With the growth in water level, those living close to the banks of those rivers have begun shifting to safer areas.
As flooding water has begun inundating low-lying regions of Phaphamau, Salori, Daraganj, Jhunsi, etc. ), concerns for those residing in these regions have grown, although the rate of growth in water isn’t alarming. The water level of Ganga in Phaphamau and also of Yamuna in Naini, climbed by 2 cm previously 24 hours. The water level of Ganga increased from 78. 69 meters Monday to 78. 71mt on Tuesday. The threat mark of this river is currently at 84. 73mt. Likewise, the water level of the Yamuna in Naini) has been 76. 27mt on Monday, it climbed to 76. 29mt on Tuesday.
The speed of gain in the water level of the rivers is marginally slower than the speed of growth as listed compared to initial week of the month once the water was growing by approximately 25cm.
Similarly, the degree of water from the Ganga in Chatnaag — about 3 kilometres downstream of Sangam — also is rising and has been listed as 75. 74mt on Tuesday as against 75. 70mt on Monday. Due to the growth in water level in the the rivers, approximately 60percent of the lender of the Sangam region was submerged in flood water. Engineers of the irrigation division stated the release of water from the Ganga is growing in the Kanpur barrage. Around 1. 30 cusecs of water was discharged in the barrage that’s predicted to additional raise the water level. “In comparison to the past year, the degree of water in the the rivers is about 2 meters , but due to the heavy rain in Utrrakhand and many elements of Madhya Pradesh, the water level can increase quickly. We’re also keeping a close vigil on rain in Rajasthan, which may have an effect on quantity of water in Yamuna and Ganga,” stated executive engineer of flooding management division, Brijesh Kumar Verma. With fear that flooding situation in the district such as many localities of these metropolitan constraints could become gloomy at the forthcoming days, the group of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) was seeing several localities close to the banks of the Ganga and Yamuna.The regions comprised Daraganj, Nagwasuki, Baghada, Chhota Baghada, Salori, Rasulabad. These regions have been mostly influenced by the floods before.


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