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Guillaume Ziccarelli

PRAYAGRAJ: Internationally renowned photographer, Guillaume Ziccarelli’s function on the associates of this Kinnar akhara, throughout Kumbh 2019, are being exhibited in the prestigious Perrotin Gallery at New York in July 9. The French photographer had remained with the kinnars of this akhara to get 15 times through mahakumbh of 2019 and seized diverse dimensions of the community.
The exhibition of all Ziccarelli’s work will be on display in the gallery in New York in July 9 to August 14. Ziccarelli is a French photographer and cinematographer located in New York City and he participates in documentaries.
The Royal exhibition, of the renowned photographer, is titled’The Holy Third Gender: Kinnar Sadhu’ and this could reveal transgender saints and their role as spiritual leaders that have discovered that an influential voice, spreading a message of free religious expression and queer liberation. Ziccarelli’s documentary project attempts to underline the strength in this community, regardless of the normal discrimination transgender men and women face in India, and all over the world, stated Lavkush Gupta, his partner.
He shared that understanding that Kumbh-2019 indicated a historical moment for India’s transgender people, Ziccarelli went to Prayagraj to record their contentious initiation to the Kumbh Mela as equivalent, religious leaders.
“After settled in Prayagraj, Ziccarelli was recognized as a guest from the Kinnar Sadhus, and he spent almost two weeks documenting their stories through interviews and photography. He had been especially struck by the people adulation of this transgender Sadhus, that had been respected and sought out because of their intelligence, in the orchestrated chaos of the Kumbh Mela, despite initial opposition to their own integration, and continuing hostility from several quarters,” shared Gupta.
He explained that Ziccarelli’s fascination from the Kinnar Sadhu community has been triggered when he learned of India’s official recognition of their next sex in 2014, along with also a pre-colonial Hindu tradition of looking favourably upon non-binary gender identification.
Ziccarelli continues to be a close collaborator of Perrotin’s for its past 15 decades, focusing on a lot of endeavours, such as display creation, scenography, in addition to photography, and cinematography. He’s worked on displays with important institutions, such as Centre Pompidou, Chateau de Versailles, Qatar Museum Authority, Centre d’Art et du Paysage de Vassivière, the Delacroix Museum, in Addition to with architect David Adjaye and artists Takashi Murakami, Sophie Calle and Pharrel Williams.


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