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Water amount of River Ganga and Yamuna continued the increasing trend on Sunday

Prayagraj: Flood relief groups were on guard since Ganga and Yamuna continued to grow for the fourth successive day in town.
District officials said the water level of Ganga in Phaphamau and Chatnag climbed by 15cm and 4cm respectively Sunday. In Naini, the water level of Yamuna climbed by only 1 centimetre.
On Sunday morning, the water level of Ganga in Phaphamau and Chatnag was listed since 79. 23mt and 76.7mt respectively, while that of Yamuna in Naini had been 77. 25mt. The threat markers for the two rivers is 84. 73mt.
Flood control branch officials stated,”Flood relief groups are activated and we’ve stepped up vigil in flood-prone regions like Meja, Sadar and Handia.” Officials stated that Ganga is swelling as a result of flood water being discharged from barrages from Narora, Haridwar and Kanpur. A senior official stated that flooding relief teams have now been briefed about their functions in the event the water level of the rivers breaches the threat mark. In addition, he stated the district government has identified refuge points in the event the twin rivers are bombarded.


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