Covid-19: Famous Shiv temple cancels honest in UP’s Pratapgarh | Allahabad News


PRAYAGRAJ: The management committee of Bhayharan Nath Dham, the renowned temple of Lord Shiva on the boundary of Pratapargh and Prayagraj districts has cancelled the favorite Mangal Mela (Tuesday honest ) held throughout Shrawan month and also made compulsory for devotees to wear masks for entrance and follow social bookmarking indoors.
The committee cancelled all spiritual events organised throughout Shrawan month in aftermath of Covid-19 outbreak.
The Shrawan month is starting from July 6.
Samaj Shekhar, general secretary of Bhayharan Nath Dham Kshetriya Vikas Sansthan told TOI,”We’ve cancelled all of the spiritual events normally organised throughout Sharwan month in perspective of Covid 19 outbreak. The preventative steps to be taken are set in practice ”
“A combined team of police and sansthan members assured that devotees coming to provide prayers rigorously followed social distancing standards and required all measures,” he explained.
“The committee members utilized thermal scanners to check the temperature of each devotee before permitting entrance. The devotees were also told to use sanitizers and educated about wearing masks correctly,” additional Shekhar.
Since lakhs of pilgrims and devotees visit the temple throughout Shrawan month each year, the management committee has educated senior administrative and police officials at Pratapgarh and Prayagraj about cancellation of events.
The committee members will also be informing all devotees which Kanwar Yatra isn’t permitted this season.
“We’re appealing to devotees to not go to the temple throughout Shrawan in perspective of Covid outbreak and encouraged them to do Rudrabhishek in their various houses,” stated chief priest Bhola Nath Tiwari.
Meanwhile, the effect of 20 India soldiers being martyred in a clash with Chinese troops on LAC in Ladakh region is also observable.
The shopkeepers selling cosmetic items and figurines of Lord Shiva have declared boycott of Chinese goods.
The proprietor of a favorite shop at Chowk stated,”We’ve completely boycotted Chinese cosmetic items and have attracted all native products. The idols of Lord Shiva idols have been attracted from Rajasthan this season, while cosmetic posts were sourced from West Bengal, Mathura and Delhi.”


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