Biz flourish amid Covid gloom as bhang stores see queues | Allahabad News


Prayagraj: One of the companies hit by book coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, there’s one that managed to remain afloat because of the loyalty of devotees of Lord Shiva.
The lull in markets nonetheless, accredited stores selling’bhaang’ are cashing in on the’Shrawan’ flourish as devotees of Lord Shiva are lining up in those shops to purchase (cannabis). In ancient mythology, bhaang is provided to Lord Shiva for a prasad (offering).
Based on excise division officials, the town has seen a multi-fold gain in the selling of bhaang throughout Shrawan. The requirements from accredited bhaang sellers for greater distribution indicates to this surge in demand.
“You will find 121 accredited cannabis sellers in town and their yearly quota is different from store to shop. We supply 25,000kg bhaang to those 121 sellers, which can be approximately two,000kg a month. The sellers can ask for longer, if the need exceeds their yearly obligations,” said district excise officer Sandeep Bihari Modwell.
Resources stated that sellers’ offered their yearly quota of bhaang at a first fortnight throughout Shrawan.
Although’kanwar yatras’ happen to be cancelled this year because of this outbreak, devotees of Lord Shiva have been full of enthusiasm. They’re supplying’bhaang’ into the deity and therefore are subsequently swallowing the’bhog’ of cannabis as’prasad’.
The excise department officials acknowledge that need for bhaang this month has risen up to 20%.
Sanjeev, a certified bhaang vendor in Muttiganj neighborhood, stated,”On regular days, particularly during the lockdown, the selling of cannabis was considerably lower. I was struggling to market our yearly quota. But during Shrawan this season I offered my yearly quota in only two weeks and folks are still requiring it.”
Modwell stated,”The surge in demand has also generated more revenue. In the 121 accredited cannabis stores at the district, Rs 43 lakh earnings was created this month”


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