When will ‘Wentworth’ Season 8 be on Netflix?


Wentworth — Picture: Showcase Australia

When it comes to prison dramas, couple come near the seriousness of Wentworth. The show was renewed for season 8 due in Australia in July 2020. Here is the present anticipated global release program for Wentworth year 8 on Netflix.  

The favorite Australian prison play has turned into a massive hit as a result of its entirety on Netflix which started back 2015 and has witnessed new seasons annually since. It is really great, in actuality, it ranks at our best 50 TV show on Netflix list.

The show follows a group of girls in a female prison and can be among those most-watched names in Australia. It has seen a large increase globally due, in part, to its own tenure on Netflix.

In case you’re still to get Wentworth year 7 of Wentworth streaming, then go and take a look at our area by region guide .

The show eighth period is set to broadcast on Fox Showcase (in Australia) in July 28th, 2020 onwards. 10 episodes are expected out because of its eighth year and the series was provided a ninth season sequence as a result 2021 (supposing coronavirus filming constraints are raised ).

When will Wentworth year 8 be on Netflix US?

In prior decades, Netflix is becoming the brand new season days following the series finale aired. Season 7 arrived to Netflix a day following its season finale on July 30th on July 31st. If it is the exact same program as last year, then we ought to observe the series accessible August 2020.

According to the July 28th launch date, 10 weeks takes us around September 28th, 2020. According to this you can anticipate season 8 Wentworth to be on Netflix US in late September or October 2020.

Can Wentworth year 8 be around Netflix in different areas?

Netflix Canada will probably get the show in the last few months of 2020 or at ancient 2021 awarded the many month gap for period 8 premiere date.

Netflix UK and Netflix Australia don’t take the series in any capacity nor are they expected also. Australians can locate the series flowing on FOXTEL. In the uk, seasons 1-6 can be found on Amazon Prime.

Things to see on Netflix at the meantime

Obviously, Orange is the New Black is a go-to for many Wentworth buffs which came to a close with year 9. A spin-off series was rumored but nothing tangible.

Netflix includes a treasure trove of docu-series in regards to prisons. Within the World’s Toughest Prisons, The Inmate, Jailbirds, and Girls Incarcerated are good recommendations.

Also as you are waiting for period 8, you might not have noticed this from the scenes documentary that is accessible on YouTube.

Have you been looking forward to year 8 Wentworth coming to Netflix? Tell us in the comments.


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