‘Sweet Magnolias’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Things to Expect


Sweet Magnolias — Picture: Netflix

Sweet Magnolias is most likely going to be among the best-hidden stones inserted to Netflix in 2020. The feel-good drama fell on Netflix in May 2020 but has left us wanting more. Can Sweet Magnolias return for season 2 on Netflix? What do we expect and when can we expect the launch date? Let us dive in. 

The show comes in Sheryl J. Anderson who’s known for her work on Charmed and Ties that Bind. The narrative is about the bond between three girls as they face their own unique challenges. The show was first announced back in 2018 and eventually released on Netflix on May 19th, 2020.

So let us now turn our focus towards an expected second period of Sweet Magnolias.

Has Sweet Magnolias been revived for another season?

Official renewal standing: Officially renewed (last updated: 07/27/2020)

The closest we came into a renewal before July 2020 was a GIF submitted by the showrunner signaling she is hard at work writing another year.

But on July 23rd, 2020 Netflix formally declared the series could, in actuality, return for another season.

How has Sweet Magnolias done on Netflix?

The fantastic thing is that there is good evidence that the show is acting well especially in the USA. In accordance with our most popular webpage, the show hit 5 in Australia, number two in Canada, number 3 from the Netherlands, number 4 in the uk, also featured at the top 10 listing in Spain, Mexico, and New Zealand.

What to expect from Sweet Magnolias season two

There is a massive collection of queries going into year 2 particularly following the dramatic way period 1 came to a close, especially in the past 10 moments.

The major cliffhanger at the end of year 1 is the results of the struggle in the after-prom celebration. It led to an automobile crash and Kyle is now unconscious. But it is never revealed the passenger in the vehicle is indeed that is the significant question contributing into year 2.

Elsewhere, Maddie is strained by the fact that her ex-partner has indicated they give their relationship another shot whilst using her children as a fantastic reason to give it a try.

Helen simply split out of her on and off again boyfriend it’ll be interesting to see what occurs there particularly since she is desperate for a young child.

Eventually, Dana has her own troubles trying to keep her company afloat and is currently faced with the truth that she might possess a eldest son working in her kitchen.

As you might be aware, the series is in fact based on a publication series that spanned 11 novels in total. These include:

  • Stealing Home (2007)
  • A Slice of Heaven (2007)
  • Feels Like Family (2007)
  • Welcome to Serenity (2008)
  • House in Carolina (2010)
  • Sweet Tea in Sunrise (2010)
  • Honeysuckle Summer (2010)
  • Midnight Promises (2012)
  • Catching Fireflies (2012)
  • Where Azaleas Bloom (2012)
  • Swan Stage (July 29, 2014)

So there is a lot more supply material to pay from Sheryll Woods but just how accurate the Netflix chain keeps with the original source material remains to be seen.

When will sabotage Magnolias season two be on Netflix? )

Assuming a speedy renewal and that creation opens up into Georgia in which the show is filmed in brief order, the series may easily return on Netflix at a certain stage in 2021.

Unfortunetely we can’t offer an improved estimate given that the present factors in play.

Things to see on Netflix at the meantime

We will have a complete list of things to see after you complete Sweet Magnolias shortly but here is a few quick hints.

Virgin River is your best contrast we have. It is a feel-good Netflix series that dropped on Netflix without much fanfare and is happily becoming another season . A good deal of people are comparing the series to Gilmore Girls that is definitely worth a look and Hart of Dixie is just another superb series with lots of similarities.

We have also since assembled a large list of similar names on Netflix to Sweet Magnolias.

Now we will give you with a couple fans we have discovered online too craving for another season.

Would you need to watch Sweet Magnolias return for season two at Netflix? Let us all know down in the remarks. Additionally, keep this page bookmarked as we will be updating as and once we hear of snippets of information concerning the future.


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