Series/Movies Potentially Leaving Netflix at Q3 & Q4 2020


As one of the top Netflix trackers, we have come to have the painful job of letting you guys know when large series and films are set to depart. In the next half 2020, we are set to get rid of some tremendous pictures and show and we have compiled a listing here to help you aim your own binges sensibly.

It has been a rough start to this year with a few absolutely enormous titles currently having left the ceremony. We have seen Mad Men, Bob Ross, Gomorrah, Scandal, Missing Girl, Chewing Gum, Father Brown, The L Word, Dad’s Army, Spartacus, Maron among others leave thus far.

this listing by no means signifies the complete list of what is set to depart Netflix within the following six months but it’s a number of the biggest names which will be taken off.

Staying Disney Films

This listing is primarily geared toward TV series but we thought we would mention some of those Disney films which are still set to depart Netflix from the US (and Canada in this case ) for the rest of 2020. These include:

  • Solo: A Star Wars Movie — July 9th
  • Ant-Man along with the Wasp — July 29th
  • Incredibles 2 — July 30th
  • Christopher Robin — September 5th
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms — November 28th
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet — December 11th

You can get a complete roundup of what Disney films continue to depart and the ones that have been eliminated here.

Cheers & The Andy Griffith Show

Confirmed Removal Date: July 1st, 2020

Two string which will kick start the removals of the second half 2020 will likely be 2 CBS (yes, Cheers is owned by CBS, not NBC) series at the kind of both of these excellent classics.

Each year of each individual display is set to depart the first of this month.

Once Upon a Time

Expected Removal Date: September 2020

once upon a time leaving netflix

Another Disney elimination probably this season is Once Upon a Time. Many ABC titles have a tendency to remain on Netflix two decades following their final period drops (except for Galavant for some reason) and we are going to be coming upon the two-year stage in September.

With this one, there’s a possibility the bargain for Once Upon A Time is a little different but it’s well worth noting not the less.

Parks and Recreation

Expected Removal Date: October 2020

Among the two leading NBC series staying on Netflix is Parks and Rec that is departing a couple of months prior to The Office follows in its footsteps.

The show is pegged to your streaming agency Peacock meaning you are likely to have to fork out another subscription fee to grab this one.

Unfortunatelyit looks like a lot that Parks and Rec will be moving.

The West Wing

Expected Removal Date: December 2020

the west wing leaving netflix

When HBO was initially declared, The West Wing was among the names which AT&T had declared would be coming year 1. Together with The West Wing nonetheless on Netflix, it is probably true that all of The West Wing is going to be gone out of Netflix in December when the series got added into Netflix.

Netflix has considerable political thrillers to take up the mantle but nothing will rather beat The West Wing for a variety of factors.

This 70s Display

Expected Removal Date: Q4 2020

Yes, another sitcom place to now perish. Nonetheless, in this scenario, another streamer is not mechanically lined up thus it might be the situation Netflix makes the decision to renew.

We understand how rare sitcoms are for streamers together all split so it is likely Netflix might want to keep hold of the one.

The Office

Expected Removal Date: January 2021

the office leaving netflix 2021

Secondly maybe to Friends from the largest reduction for Netflix US is Your Office. Each year is set to depart on January 1st, 2020 because of its permanent residence of Peacock along with other NBC favorites.

Finally, it is a pity Netflix could not work out a bargain regardless of the fact Netflix offered enormous amounts of cash to maintain it on a non-exclusive arrangement. Will enthusiasts flock to Peacock and pay more money for much less content? We are going to see.


Expected elimination date: 2021

Looking even further ahead, Weeds may be another among those Lionsgate shows to depart Netflix. Again, Netflix could opted to renew but awarded that the pulling power of several displays wains punctually, it is likely it is going to head to some other buyer.

That is all we’ve got for today. As always, keep your eye on our what is departing section for every thing set to depart Netflix over time.


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