Netflix Picks Up’Beyond the Boundary’ Women’s T20 World Cup Documentary


T20 Women’s Cricket Final — Picture: Getty

A brand new documentary covering the latest ICC Women’s T20 cricket season is coming into Netflix on August 14th, 2020 (this Friday) in many Netflix areas around the planet. 

The documentary labelled Beyond the Boundary: ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Australia 2020, will take you behind the scenes and then pay the largest highlights and events of the latest championship that happened in ancient 2020 and concluded on March 8th, respectively 2020 together with (spoiler alert) Australia carrying the domain.

The official synopsis for its documentary is as follows:

“With highlights in the 2020 tourney, this program provides an inside look in the worldwide showcase for women’s cricket — the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup”

T20 cricket, for people who aren’t conscious, is your short-form model of cricket and in the majority of cases, more attractive to a larger audience given conventional cricket can happen over several days requiring a huge time commitment.

In case you’re searching for a crash course on cricket, Netflix’s Described series created by Vox has a superb episode narrated by Aasif Mandvi that is offered in year 1.

Netflix’s foray into sports was largely restricted to docuseries up to now. Titles like Last Chance U are shining examples however more recently, we’ve seen Netflix delve to sports somewhat farther.

F1: Drive to Survive is maybe the best example so far using a documentary group covering the greatest stories in each F1 season.

Many have theorized Netflix’ must dive into reside sports however Netflix themselves’ve insisted they now have”no plans”.

You may add Past the Boundary to a Netflix queue at this time by heading into Netflix and clicking on the”Remind Me” button.


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