Can’Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Season 1 be Around Netflix?


Star Trek: Lower Decks — Picture: CBS

Expecting to leap the insane popularity of the likes of Rick & Morty, CBS has greenlit a animated series based on Star Trek that started streaming on CBS All Access lately. Can Star Trek: Lower Decks ever come to Netflix across the world? Let us have a look. 

Place in the Star Trek world, the series requires a look at the scenes of a Starfleet ship known as the U.S.S. Cerritos along with the crew that operates beneath the brig.

The show hasn’t published with its fair share of controversy, yet. Much like another two new Star Trek shows, lovers have voiced their frustration with the series targeting younger viewers and Lower Decks totally fits the accusation here.

Let us now have a look at the streaming rights for Star: Trek Lower Decks and if Netflix is on the schedule.

Can Star Trek: Lower Decks be around Netflix at the USA?

Categorically no. Star Trek: Lower Decks won’t be on Netflix at the united states.

The show has been sent to CBS All Access at which it sits along with another two Star Trek shows (Picard and Discovery) which are 100% exclusive to the streaming services.

If you gave an audible groan to this, we do not blame you. The US is becoming increasingly more fragmented with the fantastic news on the horizon is that CBS will relaunch that will have sufficient content to warrant you shelling out more cash.

The only real hope for all those in the USA is a DVD gets published that’s rentable via Netflix DVD.

Netflix US does still maintain a number of their old Star Trek series but they’re predicted to depart over time exactly like what happened to the very first Star Trek animated series last December.

Can Star Trek: Lower Decks be around Netflix Internationally?

This remains unclear at August 2020.

As many will knowthe two global rights for Picard and Discovery were divided with the prior visiting Amazon Prime Video and the latter into Netflix.

No upcoming dwelling was declared for Lower Decks only yet with all The Cinema Spot reporting the worldwide rights will not be determined for a while and have been postponed as a result of aforementioned CBS All accessibility Rebrand.

Thus, do not expect Lower Decks to flow on Netflix anytime soon but on the flip side, do not rule it out .

For options away from the USA, you almost certainly have access to Rick & Morty that stocks several areas of the series

We will keep this post updated over time as and once we know of new details.


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