This’Nasdaq whale’ Might have helped trigger the stock-market’s Barbarous rout



The cause for a seismic stock-market downturn Thursday and Friday who has erased months of profits to get a U.S. stock exchange, may happen to be embattled investment company SoftBank, according to a report by Financial Times (paywall). See complete story.

Still another coronavirus support package is likely’not happening’ following August jobs report and deal to avoid government shutdown, analyst claims

Friday’s jobs report makes it increasingly probable that Washington will not deliver yet another significant coronavirus support bundle, according to some analysts. An arrangement to avert a national government shutdown may also harm the chances for a deal on help. See whole story.

AstraZeneca vaccine’probably’ to roll out at the U.K. early next year

The U.K. recorded two,988 brand new coronavirus instances on Sunday, its greatest amount since May 23. See whole story.

Virology specialists say the key is maintaining Spain’s hospitals from getting overrun by COVID-19 now

The Way Spain pulls itself from this coronavirus second wave might be a blueprint for other cities and nations to follow. See whole story.

European stocks rally, diverging from U.S. technology slump

European stocks advanced on Monday, diverging in the U.S. following a demanding week at markets. See whole story.


Two papers presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress on Monday analyzed patients who had been afflicted health aftereffects of coronavirus. See whole story.


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