Roger Stone, longtime Trump Circle, drops’low-calorie Variant of the N-Word’ in radio interview, host States


‘I do not feel like arguing with this particular Negro.’

All these are the words Roger Stone seemingly uttered in a live radio interview on Saturday night with Morris O’Kelly, the sponsor of this Los Angeles-based app”The Mo’Kelly Show.”

The reply came after O’Kelly contested the function which Stone’s ties with President Trump played at the current commutation of the governmental Profession’s prison sentence.

“There are hundreds and hundreds of people treated daily, how the number just happened to come up in the lottery, and I’m guessing it was just fortune, Roger, correct?” O’Kelly asked.

Here is the trade:

Following the very long pause, Stone denied saying these words. “You are out of your head,” he advised O’Kelly. He blamed the engineer at an email to the Daily News.

“His studio engineer could very definitely be heard with the epithet after that he cut on my audio feed three occasions,” Stone explained. “Why is it that everybody on the left have to tag anybody who disagrees with them ‘a racist?’ … I hate racism!”

What is more from Stone:

O’Kelly was not purchasing the denials and shared his ideas on the meeting in a blog article.

“He did not see me as a journalist, not as an expert, not a radio host…however a’Negro’ first and foremost,” he wrote. “Thirty years as a entertainment pro, twenty of these in radio. ‘Negro’ was the very first pejorative uttered. The low-calorie Variant of the N-Word.”

However, there were some who defended Stone:

As”Negro” started trending on Twitter
+1. 50percent
, ProPublica’s Jessica Huseman felt the need to describe everything should have been clear to everyone downplaying Stone’s remark:


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