Minimum wage employees can’t afford rent in almost any U.S. condition: Economics


It appears most of my family and friends have known that for some little while, so I wonder why this is news today? Or is the occurrence of these kinds of headlines of a wake-up telephone for people on the opposing side of their income gap?

I guess a great deal of my fellow colleagues in recent occupations appeared to possess the notion that minimum wage occupations were for children that still reside with their parents or something. I suppose thinking that individuals with aspirations would not require minimum wage jobs in any respect, so they are not for”adults”. However, I have a couple buddies in their 30s and 40s working at minimum wage jobs or in restaurants (that is significantly less than minimum wage due to server wages relying more on info ).

In my experience, I had been residing paycheck-to-paycheck beginning with a $45k/year job out of school with my sole debt being my student loans. I am impressed with how my friends that do function minimum wage figure out how to survive and they do, but I envision part of it’s needing to reside with much more roommates to cancel the impossibility of living independently. However, as curious as I would be to understand their particular remarks, it seems like a rude subject of dialogue to deliver up.


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