Economists Believe Congress Must Keep Paying Unemployed Workers $600 A Week — Or Much More: Economics


I love fivethirtyeight but this really is a rather poorly written name and really post.

Just like they mention this:

This makes sense considering another current IGM survey discovered that many economists blamed high unemployment on businesses which weren’t hiring — maybe not on individuals opting not to work due to unemployment payments.

That is a misleading statement should you read this question which was introduced.

Query A: Employment expansion is presently restricted more by companies’ lack of curiosity about hiring compared to people’s willingness to work at prevailing wages.

Jobs and Unemployment Insurance

The issue is that one is but their announcement in this article make it seem like it is”to blame”. I believe economists for the most part believe both would be to blame – you’re simply to blame .

That is way under their standards of work place out.

Anyone who reads IGM forum polls understands the economists are very nuanced in their replies when they opt to incorporate comments.


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