China and America Are Going Toward Divorce: Economics


America is a deadbeat failure of a market. It is a house of cards that is projecting its fakeness and fragility on China.

Sure, China cheated and lied – that they lied, which makes China a part of the standard not the exception. It has been revealed which one was true than another lately however. China’s market has been through so much chaos and barbarous attacks(stock exchange crash, swine flu, commerce warfare, hong kong civil unrest/US staged tried color revolution, even SARS2) and only barrelled through without any signs of quitting. Meanwhile, the US economy failed when it had been affected by a gust of wind.

If you take a look in US ability – you discover the huge bulk is erased (unamerican) talent. Trump put import bans on them set up and was bullying the remainder from America. Frankly it is as dr. Kaku said. With no technology employees America’s days are numbered. And now the horse has bolted.


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