YNAB is Implementing Part-Time Seasonal Support Experts


Do you like helping clients?

Wish to begin 2021 using just a small sauce cash?

Would you wish to assist fellow YNABers begin on the ideal foot that coming New Year?

If you answered yes to each these questions–read on!

We are searching for friendly, technically-savvy Seasonal Customer Service Reps to assist us with our New Year’s Hurry! That can be a temporary, part time (roughly 25 hours per week), distant position, beginning at mid-November 2020 and lasting via mid-February 2021. If you are a bit of a YNAB magician and are famous to be helpful, patient, and amazing, we would like to hear from you!

A Bit About Us

We construct the ideal budgeting applications all over –YNAB (also known as You want a Budget should you’ve got a great deal of extra time in your hands for most of those syllables)! For at least a decade, people have been utilizing YNAB and then telling their family and friends what a difference it’s made in their own lives. We are rewarding, bootstrapped, and developing. YNAB began in 2004 and we have not taken any external funding–we are in it for the long haul.

We all love our YNAB clients, and we would like to be certain they love their service expertise. You will look forward to each email, since it has an chance to help someone else gain control of the money and also become a much better budgeter.

We’ve got one overarching requirement in regards to joining our staff –even briefly: our Core Values must actually click on  with you. If you are nodding emphatically while studying it, then you will probably fit right in!

More about our ideal Seasonal Service Rep…

January is the busiest time of the year! We get tens of thousands of messages from new and old YNABers alike who wish to start the year off on the ideal foot. We would like you to join our committed service team to assist us answer every one of those messages in a timely and friendly way.

You are the face of YNAB. We are going to instruct you to answer the most frequent questions that our customers have so you will have the ability to generate a difference from the first change.

You won’t mind answering the exact same question multiple times at precisely the exact same day, since it is another client every time–yet another opportunity to generate somebody’s day. 

You are also able to change gears comparatively fast. You will answer three charge card queries in a row, then easily switch into some direct import difficulty when you happen across it. 

You figure out how to transcend expectations even once you deliver another response than the client was expecting for.

You understand rate of reaction  is very important, but you can walk this fine line between speed and precision. You’re a master of being friendly and direct in precisely the exact same sentence.

You are a team player. You are aware your performance affects the staff as a whole, and are continuously striving to create yourself, and so the staff .

You love carrying that one small additional step beyond what is expected. You are creative in this manner.

Who You Would Be Dealing With:

Natalie & Renae compose the aid onboarding staff at YNAB, so they possess the unbelievable task of walking you through all of the intricacies of YNAB support.  Natalie does an unbelievable job of handling the support onboarding staff and Renae is your senior service specialist who is always eager to lend a hand.  They are available to answer queries, support you on your 1:1 meetings, and provide lots of virtual high-fives. 

Your staff  of fellow seasonal assistance reps will probably be a few of the greatest folks you have ever worked together. You might be spread across the planet, but you are going to come together on your Slack station to get a quick hello or even a gif struggle before leaping to the queue. 

A Day in the Life:

You are normally scheduled for a five hour change, but things are active at the queue that week and you’ve got some flexibility in your program, so you provided to operate six hours now. That excess hour means much more customers you access to wow along with your own responses.

First, you begin your shift by assessing out any current updates and statements. Once captured up there, then you shut Slack to minimize distractions as you go in the queue. 

Your first stop is the follow-ups. You had yesterday , so that your teammates took care of the majority of them, however there are a couple that came in before this morning–including a few from users allowing you understand your past responses solved their problems flawlessly, which means that your day is off to a fantastic beginning!

Then, you go to the rear of the queue and then get a few the earliest conversations. You are frequently surprised by the complexity of the questions that you see, but you are eager for the challenge each individual brings. And you know that you can skip those outside of your degree, and strategy for quite a while from this queue to fill in these knowledge gaps. 

Now you’ve got your one time with your boss, in order to pop on your headphones and jump on a video phone to discuss your metrics, targets, and also a few catchy conversations you desire another opinion on. 

Before you know it, your change is finished and it is time to clock out!

You are who we are Searching for if:

  • You will have the ability to respond to 8 mails per hour.
  • You are quite tech-savvy and feel positive learning and running many apps at the same time.
  • You have your personal computer (a tablet computer or Chromebook will not cut it for a number of those methods we use).
  • You are able to commit to a set schedule of 25 hours each week spread over 5 changes. At least among these changes will be on Saturday or Sunday.
  • You do not have some time-off planned for January. As it is our busiest monthwe want the whole team about to help out.
  • You know how every service reaction is a reflection of their YNAB core values and manufacturer.
  • Additional men and women believe you a leading communicator.
  • You love making people contented.
  • Folks remind you once you deliver hard news. You are which  great.
  • You like trying things you have never achieved before.
  • You’re not frightened to ask questions.
  • You’re exceptionally independent and productive, however a team-player in your heart.

Bonus Points:

  • You already use and enjoy YNAB.
  • You’ve got Client Support expertise.
  • You reside in a timezone other than Pacific / Mountain / Central / Eastern.

Purchase this seasonal position will probably be 16 per hour.

the Way to Employ

Please be aware that if YNAB is totally distant, because this specific function is a short term, temporary position, you have to either reside beyond the U.S. or even reside in one of these countries:  Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

  • Compose a cover letter (attached as a PDF) introducing yourself describing why this position interests you and why you’d be a fantastic fit. Cover letters are intended to market, so sell !
  • onto a different page of your cover letter, answer these questions (with every answer being around a paragraph in length): 
  1. what’s your key to good customer care?
  2. Which are your favourite and least favorite parts of your present (or most recent) job?
  3. Tell us about a time when you needed to find out some thing new to excel in your work.
  4. What’s the most significant thing you’d search for when hiring someone for this function?
  5. What hours of the day job for you? What days of the week are off limits? 
  • Attach your resume as a PDF. 
  • Deadline for applications is 11:59pm ET on September 14, 2020. Firm. It is a true deadline.

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