“The New Design is Rad” – YNAB Theme Updates!


Perhaps you have started your budget in your own computer recently and completed a double-take? 

You may be asking yourself,”wow budget, when did you get so fly? Is it only me, or are you searching reallllly great nowadays?”

The YNAB internet app/desktop variant has a Couple of new features to flaunt:

  • Theme picker
  • New default theme (cleaner, easier on the eyes, and also much more readable)
  • Dark manner
  • Collapsible faucet on desktop

Note: the default theme and dim manner were currently available on mobile, this upgrade only brings these features into the desktop/web program perspective.

Tell me , tell me !

Pick Your Theme

Pick between three viewing choices for your budget together with the subject picker, and alter your mind . Select from:

Here is a look at the 3 budget motif choices: default, dim, and timeless

And here is how to find the theme picker Online program:

How to choose themes in your YNAB budget
the Way to Select themes on your YNAB budget

New Default Theme Makes Your Budget More Readable

We have changed the colours to make it easier than ever to realize your financial plan. Here Is What the timeless version of the budget looks like:

YNAB classic theme
Vintage motif

And here is what the default theme looks like:

YNAB new default theme
New default theme

You may still use the traditional motif if your heart is now fond of the Caribbean color of azure, but the default theme may grow on you faster than you think (it sure did for us) .

“It’s cleaner, and also a lot easier on the eyes (loved that gloomy, but that is only so much better). Thanks for continuing to enhance this product, makes me happy to continue using it and recommending it to everybody in my entire life!” -A Joyful YNABer

Dim Lighting? Go Dark

Make your day eyeballs less exhausted with your funding in dim manner. Perks of dark manner include lowering your eye pressure and promoting sleep. Here is what dark mode Resembles:

YNAB's dark mode
YNAB’s dark manner

“My eyeballs THANK you, my future kids thank you, the WORLD really thanks ” -Another Joyful YNABer

Collapse the Sidebar for Longer Real Estate, More Privacy

Reconcilers, rejoice! You can now collapse the sidebar online program to provide you maximum screen real estate that is useful for things like reconciling your financial plan.

An added plus: you can fall down your budget so that the balances at the side bar do not show–that is great once you need to demonstrate your budget (although maybe not your own account balances) to your buddy. 

Resize and collapse your YNAB budget
Resize and fall your financial plan bar for more property to your funding

“Getting the capability to resize or collapse that the faucet is a fantasy come true! Thank you for creating the program simpler and better! Continue the fantastic work.” -Another joyful YNABer.

Love your new budgeting topics and resizing, and should you would like to learn more about YNAB product upgrades, do not overlook the recent Reddit AMA using YNAB’s chief product officer, Todd.


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