Satisfy the Joneses: Part Three


It is time to test with Joe and Josie Jones: our hypothetical average American household as they make it through June with Safe-at-Home dictates raising, adjusting to new earnings amounts, and venturing out to each park in just a 50-mile radius to get sanity.

Along with also a short favorable note before we start: there isn’t any one-size-fits-all budget, along with fiscal images seem quite different from 1 household to another. We are simply giving a made-up illustration and with the median family income looked like a wonderful place to attempt to do that.

A Quick Recap

In Component 1, Joe and Josie began a funding in the end of April, Joe’s income decreased 30 percent, they slimmed and trimmed their expenditures, and gave three cheers if their $3400 stimulation check struck their bank accounts. And no small accomplishment –they had the ability to budget their expenses out through part of June. That felt pretty good. 

In Section two, Joe and Josie utilized their funding to browse through May with Joe’s decreased pay check, Josie’s layoff (and unemployment benefits), and monitoring their spending. Sure, their funding flexed and altered throughout the entire month, but this is precisely what it ought to do. And they felt fairly good about that.

Now we’re in the end of June, it is time for one more check-in.

The June Budget

Here is a peek at the Joneses’ budget on June 1st. Due to the stimulation money and also a tax return, they had the entire month budgeted for! 

It had been only two months ago which they felt at the dark, confused, and worried about money. And today, looking at all these glowing green classes, they believed a joyful small spark in their brains–and it certainly wasn’t worry they had been feeling.

You are able to see in some groups there are strange amounts–they’d cash roll over from previous month. At the start of June, they are still in a bit of survival style and chose to not budget anything for things such as new clothing or holiday at this time.

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Entirely financed budget at the beginning of June!

The month goes by, together with Joe and Josie assessing the funding and spending on the way. It is just like following a map where until they felt their spending was simply aimless drifting, hoping they were moving in the ideal direction.

Here is what their funding resembles in the end of June. It is possible to see the centre column known as”Task” reveals what they’re spent.

1593660042 845 Meet the Joneses Part Three
June spending. Middle column shows cash spent, directly column demonstrates residual cash in the class.

From the column to the right, you can observe some categories are reddish and yellowish. That means that they overspent in these classes. Now, overspending is generally dealt with because it occurs (known as”Rolling with the Punches” and can be YNAB’s Rule #3), but we have gathered it so that you can see a fresh before/after shot.

Here is what their funding seemed like once they rolled with the punches and transferred money to pay overspending. 

1593660042 786 Meet the Joneses Part Three
End of June budget. Groups are green following rolling with the punches to pay heed.

Now it is all green! They had additional money in their student loan class (because remember, their national student loans were only placed on automatic forbearance). They used that surplus to pay their yellowish and yellow categories.

Charge Card Balance Staying Steady

And what is more, they are now a couple of months to budgeting, and their credit card balance is not growing like it was used to each month. In reality, it’s staying stable. Surethey still take a balance of nearly $7K, but all their paying because they began their funding was with bucks they had.  Wow! That felt like a triumph!

June Cash Inflows: $10,400

Ever since we last checked in, Joe and Josie needed a record-setting batch of inflows. Between May 21 (if we reported ) and June 30, Joe obtained three paychecks, Josie obtained backpay for unemployment, and is presently getting yearly unemployment benefits. Both brought home $10,420 at the time period. 

(We are not becoming wrapped up at the politics of unemployment benefits and do not need you to …we are focusing on what is in their own control–and that is determining what to do with all the cash ). 

Adding more wind to their sails, they invested significantly less than expected last month with the assistance of the shiny budget. They scooped up the excess cash left in May to increase the cash to be budgeted, bringing the total to over $11,000.

So Much Money, But Things To Do With It?

This is an essential impasse directly here. Bear in mind, these will be the same Joneses which have been living paycheck to pay back in March, and they very well remember their previous spending habits. This funding is actually good, but it does not feel like a simple, do not -have-to-think-about-it thing. Additionally, an above-ground pool seems pretty nice at this time. 

Thus, with $11,000 burning a hole in their own checking accounts, they need to choose what to do. Let us take one more look in their present situation:

  • They have an emergency fund of $1,700.
  • They’re budgeted only a small bit into following month, however, the entire month isn’t funded yet.
  • They have nearly $60,000 of non-mortgage debt involving credit cards, student loans, and vehicle loans (but gosh, they can’t actually locate the psychological space for this yet).
  • Their credit card balance isn’t shrinking, but it is also not climbing!

Oh, also this is actually the most money they have seen in their accounts lately. It has got them a tiny starry eyed. However, this is the second. THIS IS THE BIG MOMENT. They simply got a significant boost and they’re deciding if they are likely to take advantage of the unusual opportunity.

Is this their turning point, or is that when they return into their old habits? Because again, a pool seems reallllllly fine at the moment.

Present Options on the Table

Let us look at some choices What They’re Considering performing:

  • Proceed have lobster along with a fancy supper!! Oh wait…COVID.
  • Purchase an above-ground pool! )
  • Purchase a ship!
  • Purchase a new mattress! )
  • Redecorate your home!
  • Invest in a holiday! Somewhere…somehow…

Let us consider some other choices they are Considering performing:

  • Budget out the remainder of July, and perhaps into August
  • Pay more on the charge card
  • Start establishing a few of those additional”extras” classes
  • Construct a larger emergency finance

Additionally, Josie is becoming rumblings that she may be returning to work shortly, and Joe is hearing about deeper and more permanent layoffs where he operates. To say they are on continuous footings is a wild overstatement. While the choices above might be translated to some as”good” and”poor,” it is about that which gives them the results they genuinely appreciate. 

And at the moment they value stability over anything, therefore that they chased the path that gave them feeling of safety.

Where the Money

Here is exactly what they did:

  • Budgeted via the remainder of July and the whole of August. They have even got a little cash saved to utilize for September.
  • Setup a”Christmas” class to conserve 500 by Dec 24. This is going to be the first Christmas they will not be adding additional debt to their equilibrium.
  • Setup a”fund following month” class using a Monthly Goal set to $3700 (that is just how much their costs price monthly ). They are not going back to pay attention to pay attention if they could help it. They are currently a month beforehand and would like to keep it this way once and for all. 
  • They set aside a bit of cash for your”extras,” for example $300 to get a camping trip up north to eliminate this summer (the walls feel like they’re shutting in recently ). Are we casting judgment with this one? Nope, not at all. They are making this choice by taking a look at their priorities and making certain their cash lines upward, and new air for sanity looks like a fantastic thing at the moment.

Can you view it? Joe and Josie are composing a brand new money story at this moment. You are seeing the very first chapter. Whew! How exciting is that!?

Coming Up …

Next month, their occupation scenarios continue to change. Josie remains getting unemployment benefits because of today, and they are even Considering creating a plan to repay their credit card sometime later on…

Stay tuned for another installment!


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