I Am Arranging a Wedding and That I Earn $65,340/Year


Welcome to YNAB Money Snapshots–in which you find a real image of somebody else’s budget and financing. They are all anonymous, since sharing cash remains a squirrelly issue for quite a few, but we believe airing them out at the open makes you better with your money narrative. 

As you browse those budgets, remember that a number of people today earn a great deal of cash and a few people today earn just a bit of money, but we know that it’s exactly what you perform with this money and the way you sense about that cash means more than any annual salary. 

Notice the way the newly participated supply chain director in Missouri earning $65,340 annually spent her cash in May.


  • Name: Samantha
  • Age: 29
  • Location: Missouri 
  • Job: Supply Chain Manager
  • Living scenario: I am recently engaged! I am also partly encouraging a disabled parent.

Revenue: $65,340

Savings: $78,207

  • Savings: $4 ),000 
  • 401K: $37,857 at 401k accounts
  • Employee Stock Ownership Program: $36,350

Funding: $25,800 

  • Student loans in my name: $1,000
  • I am also paying a parent loan in my mother’s benefit: $5 18,800

May Inflows: $5,589

  • Federal help: $2,592
  • Payroll take residence:  $2,997

May Budget

My Savings Groups

Well, actually saving for a rainy day now. My salary was reduced with our firm going on labour discuss (and this can last through the end of July if the national help ends). Our firm’s current fiscal projections have us performing work share at the end of the calendar year, so we’re attempting to save in anticipation to get a 20-40% wage cut for the previous six months of this year. 

If things pick up, we’ll change our economies to wedding preparation. 

How We Are Managing Our Wedding Prices

We’re dividing the cost of the marriage based on our part of take-home cover, so I’m paying 61percent of the price. We are paying for the entire thing and hoping to get a tiny quaker-style wedding. We are hoping to pull off it for $11,000 and also to cover it in money. All our sellers have been great in creating superb flexible payment programs for us so we can get to the objective of becoming debt-free prior to the marriage. 

I have already been dubbed the CFO of this connection and have generated payment programs for people to follow. We alternate who earns what payment per month to our allocated $ number.

My Month

May was great to us once we stumbled behind a savings program. I’ve $4k in Savings but my fiancé is nearer to $6k. I did the math and even when there’s a 40% reduction into our wages, we can practically break even with national help when we did not spend everything. 

We did wind up doing any home improvements together with being home all of the time and purchased dirt, planters, patio furniture, and chain lights. 

My Story

I discovered YNAB once I was making approximately $30k annually and had $60k in debt to repay. I’d come from a household dwelling paycheck-to-paycheck and whose budgeting strategy seemed similar to a shell game.

It was just like a bolt of light of realization and anxiety 2014 if it struck me that my debt, in theory, might be called in at any given moment and I wouldn’t have the ability to settle it. Following a good fear, I began to make a strategy to repay the telephone, charge cards, and several student loans. I have been doing exactly that gradually since 2014 via an MBA, two promotions and moves. 

I have both rested and tightened my paying at different points during this procedure. Regardless of how much debt I have paid off, I’m a spender in your mind. It’s been a procedure to rewire my brain to get as much pleasure sending cash to debt as, say, on the above patio furniture. 

Once I began getting out of cash, I cut net from my budget and undoubtedly did not have some subscriptions. I let a few concerts and a few bigger purchases not pushed by debt. Between the onset of debt payoff and today, I have slid to austerity and rear based on the way I felt just like I had been doing on the bigger target.

that I am so close I could taste it! 

Internet values from 2016 to present. Orange shows blue reveals resources.

My Financial Goals

2020 is all about paying off the past of their student loans in my name, cash-flowing a marriage with my spouse, also rescuing up 3-month emergency finance together with our present work scenarios.

I’d rate my present financial situation: 5/5

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