I Am 38, I Reside in Brooklyn, Also That I Earn $96,500/year


Welcome to YNAB Money Snapshots–in which you find a real image of somebody else’s budget and financing. They are all anonymous, since sharing cash remains a squirrelly issue for quite a few, but we believe airing them out at the open makes you better with your money narrative. 

As you examine those budgets, remember that a number of people today earn a great deal of cash and a few people today earn just a bit of money, but we know that it’s exactly what you perform with this money and the way you sense about that cash which means greater than any annual salary. 

See the way the black Ad Ops Manager and Blogger at Brooklyn, New York earning $96,500 annually spent money in April.


  • Name: M.
  • Age: 38
  • Location: Brooklyn, NY 
  • Job: Senior Ad Ops Manager/Blogger
  • Living scenario: Just me, myself, along with my POP! figurines.

Revenue: $96,500

Savings: $1,961

  • I’ve around $1,961 between most of my savings account at the moment. 

Funding: $2,020. 91

  • Line of credit$2,020. 91 
  • I only recently paid off all outstanding accounts on my credit cards paid off a loan a month. 

April Inflows: $5,436

  • Payroll: $4,730
  • Deposit from Lending Club: $25 — It is an overpayment refund from my loan payoff. 
  • IRS: $681 — This is my CARES act stimulation test. 

April Spending

In my budget, I list out all of my categories with the title, due date, the amount due, and the card that belongs on (illustration: Cellular — 1st — $85. 50 (Cap.One_Amex)). It has been shortened in my own budget beneath for distance.

My Savings Groups

I conserve for all types of things. I am a Disney/Nerd blogger around the side, therefore I visit the theme parks that a lot. If I am in Disney World, I am torn between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot (like to Drink Round the World), nevertheless, Disneyland will always be my favorite because it was the first playground, along with the sole Disney theme park Walt Disney was living for (visit Disney Nerd). I move so frequently, I have a class just for Disney trips. 

I recently started a desire farm to actually narrow down where my cash is going but also to determine if something was actually needed, I am a bit of an impulse shopper. At the moment I’ve got four classes: small, medium, big, and buttery. On the desire farm now are things such as the iPad Guru to replace my dying MacBook Air (L), fancy fresh bedding since I am an adult (M), a brand new Blu-ray participant (S), along with a vehicle (XL). 

My Month

April was the first complete month of New York’s Stay At Home order because of this COVID-19 pandemic. This was nowhere close to a standard month for me personally. My takeout budget was nearly 2.5x the normal number as it had been hard to have groceries delivered. 

It had been the same with a few amusement classes –those viewed a bit more activity than they typically want as I found myself leasing or purchasing more pictures than normal and subscribing to some new streaming solutions (hi Outlander overeat session). 

I am also in the process of going in the end of May from Brooklyn into Washington D.C. (something which has been in the works until the pandemic began ), so that I had a couple of expenses associated with the move I know will not be repeat offenders. 

My Story

I was constantly told I had been awful with money. I lived by the”view it, need it, get it” doctrine, and also to take care of the consequences afterwards. 

This contributed to many rounds of terrible credit, never understanding how to really use a charge card, and fairly much-living paycheck-to-paycheck my entire life. 

I had a sudden move a couple of years back that threw me for a loop. It  *should havebeen my wake-up telephone (key words: if have). Rather I buried my head in the sand and ended up needing to take out payday loans out of these programs you see Instagram all of the opportunity to generate rent. 

Back in January 2020I made a target I was going to determine a budget which made sense for me on paper I create a good enough salary I should not be living paycheck to paycheck. 

I’ve two learning disabilities–one which targets amounts and mathematics specifically, therefore after failing at utilizing Mint, great old Google maintained recommending YNAB.  

I’m not gont lie, I gave up because I could not get it to click in my mind.  However, after a number of hours using YouTube tutorials, then it clicked and I’m here to remain. 

I am now eager to budget, increase my savings, and also make my debt move down. In this brief quantity of time, I have managed to pay a loan off early and repay all my credit cards.

My Financial Goals

  • Pay outstanding debt
  • Construct a Fantastic emergency finance
  • Buy a car
  • Boost my credit rating

I’d rate my present financial situation: 3/5

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