I Am 27, Live in Atlanta, and Only Became an Attorney


Welcome to YNAB Money Snapshots–in which you find a real image of somebody else’s budget and financing. They are all anonymous, since sharing cash remains a squirrelly issue for quite a few, but we believe airing them out at the open makes you better with your money narrative. 

As you browse these budgets, remember that a number of people today earn a great deal of cash and a few people today earn just a bit of cash, but we know that it’s exactly what you perform with this money and the way you sense about that cash that means over any annual salary. 

Notice the way a lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia earning $50,000 annually spent his cash in April.


  • Name: St. Clair
  • Age: 27
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia 
  • Job: Attorney
  • Living scenario: I live alone with pets.

Earnings: $50,000/year

Savings: $5,500

Funding: $152,300

  • Student loans: $148,000
  • Charge card debt: $4,300

April Inflows: $4,484

  • Stimulus test: $1200 (I am presently a month beforehand in my budget! ) )
  • Payroll: $3,284

April Budget

My Savings Groups

At the moment my best savings targets are:

  1. $10,000 emergency finance
  2. Tackle my charge card debt (presently on a 0% APR balance transfer card)
  3. Save for a vehicle

My Month

Back in AprilI was undoubtedly not as likely to eat outside! I kept it under $5 20. I have been working in the home and saved a fair piece on transport, which I am only carrying over to future weeks. My mobile phone bill was approximately $50 more economical than ordinary because I used alongside no information all month (it is generally $85, that month has been approximately $30).

I spent far more on video games that month so my buddies could play remotely while distancing. The”gifts” was a bit of the: three of our four-person friend/gaming group divide the price of a Nintendo Change and also the new Animal Crossing game for the fourth individual.

Clothing and Home Maintenance are not generally as large as they were this season, generally at the $40-$50 scope for House and often $0 for clothes. Authentic expenses occur though, ya understand?

My Story

Once I was in undergrad I lived from scholarships that were deposited at the onset of the semester and have been generally gone within two weeks of getting themat which stage I’d live exclusively from my prepaid meal program and free pizza out of school events.

After graduation, I’d”rubber band” my paying based on how much was in my checking accounts –plenty of cash, a great deal of paying! I didn’t save large costs or anything. It had been honestly dumb luck along with also the occasional”pity-payment” in my mother which allowed me afloat.

In the start of this season, I had been studying for the bar exam, and that is when I racked my credit card debt, because I had no earnings. I became very uncomfortable with the fact I did not know where some of my cash was, just how much I really had, and if I had been spending in accord with my way. That stress, together with my own very-long-term aspiration of”I will budget once I get a’real grownup’ job” sealed the offer. 

I have my regular job job and have begun budgeting. I attempted Mint but loathed the UI and the fact I was promoted to. People on several money-related subreddits advocated YNAB so that I gave the free trial . I certainly went through the honeymoon period of studying my budget all of the time, studying all of the old blog articles, watching the movies, etc., even though I am brand new to this, I have dedicated a great deal of time for this.

Currently with my steady wages, I now have $1,000 direct-deposited to a high-yield savings account because of the emergency fund and stay from the remainder. My student loans are on an income-dependent strategy at the moment. I will start looking into the best way to cover them off after my emergency fund is financed along with my credit cards are paid off, but right now, they are only on life support.

My budget is still evolving! Particularly when establishing a budget for your first time, the doctrine of just dealing with this”now” rather than attempting to predict, together with an overall endorsement to changing the funding as you move made it even a lot easier for me to begin. It allow me to get going with no strain of getting it just straight from the get-go.

My Financial Goals

  • Establish my emergency fund ($10K)
  • Pay off my credit card
  • Start financing an IRA
  • Save for an automobile

I expect to receive a raise in the end of the calendar year, and that I shall use to begin financing things like electronic equipment replacements, holidays, along with other long term”nice-to-haves” because my budget is restricted to only the essentials at the moment!

I’d rate my present financial situation: 4/5

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